Startup Mistakes

  1. Business Startup Mistakes You Should Avoid
  2. Lack of Preparation/idea/training before Startup
  3. Lack of focus, idea or a research
  4. Over thinking on business plan
  5. Failing to understand local markets
  6. Alone or so many co-founders
  7. Forgetting about the competition
  8. Not understanding financial needs and do not care of time
  9. Not securing funding
  10. Draining Money
  11. Assuming  money can solve all your problems
  12. No growth plan
  13. Chasing investors, not customers
  14. Never seeking help/ Delegate the work
  15. Overvaluing Positive Feedback
  16. Trusted on experts instead of your own guts
  17. Too much talking, not enough listening
  18. Spending more time on product development.
  19. Failed to find the gap between sales and profits
  20. Wrong marketing idea
  21. Estimation on sales is wrong
  22. Fear of Failure
  23. Getting rigid
  24. Hiring too soon.
  25. Avoiding contracts.
  26. Move too slowly
  27. Scaling too quickly
  28. Ignoring data

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