Spits/Vomits/Gaseous Tummy

Dear Parents

Welcome to the second episode of guide to parenting.

In this episode we will discuss the problems of spits/vomits/gaseous tummy

  1. Frequent spitters!!!!! The messy ones

Not unusual complaint from mothers that their baby spit a lot. Most spits are normal and baby seems to be unconcerned, unharmed with healthy weight gain despite spitting few drops of milk after each feed.

Danger symptoms and signs;

  1. Poor weight gain
  2. Vomit from nose
  3. Large vomits which are forceful
  4. Blood in vomits
  5. Cranky/irritable after feeds
  6. Hunger not satiable due to frequent vomits
  7. Atopic features (dry itchy skin)
  8. Baby appearing pale

These signs and symptoms will need you to visit your doctor.


For the happy spitters with occasional colics and gassy tummies, there are things you can do at home:

  1. Burp your baby well

Burping is not just rubbing your baby’s back. Please cup your hand and give gentle pat on the back. The act of patting separates milk from air and upright posture helps air to come out as burp making your baby feel comfortable.

Burp after each feed, if your baby doesn’t burp after a feed try again a little later. You can try changing the position of your baby and retry.

Keeping baby upright for few minutes post feeds can also help.

  1. Look at hunger clues and feed your baby before he starts to have a fiery cry. Crying prior to feeds and then rapid sucking on breast or bottle lead to more air ingestion which in-turn cause more gas and colic.
  2. Stay calm: Calm mothers have babies who are calmer. Babies can pick up cues from caregivers. A sure affirmative pat from the mother will pacify her more easily than a shaky anxious unsure pat.
  3. Watch what you eat: Some food can cause your baby more discomfort than the other.Just be observant and avoid such food.

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