Blistering Sun

What should we offer to kids once they reach home after facing blistering sun post school, or when they reach home post play or exercise?

The reflex action is to offer them any beverage or juice kept in fridge. It’s not so good as you think.
Fizzy drinks and juices have high quantity of sugar without the needed salt. High sugar can cause more urine output and no salt in them will not help to rehydrate your body cells. Plus added calories can add extra pounds.
So the best drinks are
1. sweet n salt nimbu paani(do not make it too sweet)
3.Coconut water
4.Gatorade sports drink if you do not have enough time to make a homemade drink
What’s not good is fizzy drinks like coke etc. to rehydrate.
Encourage your child to drink plain water at other times of the day.


Dr Sandip Jain MD MRCPCH
Scf45 phase 11 Mohali .9872474781
Senior Consultant pediatrician
The Children’s Clinic Mohali


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